by Corduroy Club

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Raps: Strangelove
Beat: Leon Osborn
Post Production: Leon Osborn


Never - Leon

Close eyes, open wide
No mind, hope your right
Hope I never end it with a letter saying now's goodbye
I want to go forever and the bullet is the goodnight
Yeah, that's for you
Yeah yeah, pass the truth
What you call, the rapping booth
I call my casket yeah my tomb
I'm scared of you, dare to lose
Everything I got is a play with the great odds
That stacked up the moment that I said please stop
T's to dot, eyes to cross
Off your damn face I'm scared of loss
Why do you think that I scared them off

This isn't my wonderful creation?
I never crafted these things?
Where's the imprint I made?
Where did I put myself for you

It's all on the wish list, forever just a miss fit
Never had a time where I was known as the it kid
But it's okay on stripes on my arms
Earn’t through the effort when I lay down my cards
Try hards get fruit of labor
My heart needs a ruling sabre
But I never can't ask for one I used my favours
And now I'm a ghost here to rules for ages
Boom, laugh if you dare
Boom, crash and the snare
I'm passive no cash in the air
This a massive affair with the ash of a flare
A mattress good for hiding from what matters
Would be fine if I didn't find the patterns
Faith is backwards break and shatters
Lakes of rage where neighbours gather
Now, it's the ending
Who's, been pretending
Surrender now that it aint depressing
But all I really know is a simple blessing of
An apple a day, keeps the rappers away
It’s tragic, so I cover my face
The stubble never acts as a double of shade
So end my debts and sail away
Saiiiil awayyyyy

Cadence, closest
Patience, don't own shit
It's for the greatest moment
When we all turns into the quotients
I aint ever really been one for make ups
It's all make up no face to face
No break ups lace the bass up
Turn this into cupid's wake to wake up
Wake up no Ryback
Cactus Jack with spiked bat
Fuck around get your tires flat
Watch the sky get engulfed in black
Solvent raps dissolve in the main stream
Fuck help this aint the A team
Now it is time to say I came clean

I never liked you anyway


released August 7, 2015



all rights reserved


Corduroy Club Fremantle, Australia

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